Hello friends,

Ready to drop a new update and this one is all about improving how you control the cars, tanks and planes. We had to give those puny humans a chance to take down that giant ape. The game should feel a lot more balance now.

If you’re curious, we went into a lot more details in the beta notes for this update but to summarize: the vehicles should feel a LOT better and easier to use.

What else did we do? Well, there’s better VR control options, more variety, the tutorial has been polished, the first bits of the translation system are in and tons of bug fixes.

Cheers, Salmi Games

Changelog - Build 315


  • Camera no longer goes through floor when you look up with tank.
  • Tanks gets less stuck going over objects
  • Plane movement vertically and horizontally is consistent now. Camera always pans to better show where you’re going and what you’re aiming at.
  • Clicking in right joystick shows rearview
  • Aim indicator turns red when aiming at gorilla
  • Car keyboard controls are much more responsive now. Accelerate, turn and brake are all better.
  • Car boost is more controllable now can turn better.
  • Hide billboards, bridges, basically every thing when doing the countdown for hide and seek and last man standing
  • Countdown timer is now always visible.
  • Head height toggle for standing/seated/kids mode.
  • Initial translation system, with four languages partially supported (Polish German, French along with English).


  • NPC cars are moving around the cities better, including in seaport and valley map
  • Fixed plane missile damage to gorilla to be consistent from shot to shot (5% each time).
  • Plane missiles don’t go through billboard anymore
  • Lots of fixes to the UI and test for the Hide n Seek game mode result screens.