About us

We are a small indie studio developing innovative games and vr experiences. We make games designed to delight and respect you as a player.

Insider News

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Our Games

Sweet Surrender is a roguelike VR shooter in a dystopian megatower. Available on Quest and SteamVR.

GrowRilla is a single-player eat-em-up roguelite in VR, available for SteamVR and Oculus.

Late For Work is an award-winning VR party game, pitting one giant gorilla against up to four other players.

Our first release is Ellipsis, a highly-rated action puzzle game with absolutely no text, ads or IAP.



We worked with designer Rune Skovbo Johansen to bring his title Eye of the Temple to the Meta Quest 2 platform. UploadVR has described the Quest version as an "essential VR experience".

Our Unity Plugins

iOS Haptic Feedback is a Unity Asset Store plugin that adds support for haptics on iOS.

Low Poly Military Base is a set of beautiful low-poly models for a full military environment.

Low Poly Vegetation & Forest Pack is a set of beautiful low-poly models for landscape environments.