Hello friends,

November is over, which means Christmas is right around the corner. Before we head into the holiday season, we wanted to get out one more Update for Late For Work. This one focuses on fixing a whole bunch of issues that many players have brought to our attention. We are always very glad for your Feedback!

Improved Controller Support

Late For Work will now work with almost any controller. We tackled this bug after this review from one of our players. We improved the way the game recognizes USB controllers and it should work for pretty much every controller out there. Some may have to be mapped correctly with Steam Big Picture before use however, please check out this guide.

Also we noticed that we (inadvertently) disabled inputs when the game’s window was not in focus. This means if you clicked away (perhaps on a dual screen while streaming) or a random windows pop-up appeared then you could lose controller input. This should also be fixed now!

If you still experience controller issues, please let us know on the forums or in Discord.

Additional Art Polish

Remember when we said that almost everything is new in the last big art update? Well now actually everything is new! Almost. We worked some more on the last few models that survived our art overhaul. This includes mainly the Cows (now properly distinguishable as bulls and cows), but also some other tweaks like improving the tanks (again).


When we replaced the car models in last release, we didn’t really pay attention to scale. Well, only insofar as the cars to the humans. For the cars to be big enough for the humans, they ended up being as big as the tanks. Long debates ensued on whether we should address this. Tweaking the scale of the tanks affects everything: controls, projectile strength, ease of cover, AI behavior.

But we couldn’t stand the idea of tiny tanks, so we scaled them up and fixed up all the ensuing consequences.


UI Improvements

This one has been on our todo list for a while and we are happy to have finally finished it. In-game UI should do a much better job of showing what is going on, current health, current score and so on. The Gorilla’s health and flat players’ lives are now clearly displayed at the top of the screen for the flat players, while the billboards show the same info for all players.

Also we’ve tweaked quite a bit the other “help” messages that appear to be less annoying and more context relevant. Specifically, the “reset camera with Z” message should appear less often. We also added some visual clarity to the “motivating” feature in the bull run mode to make it easier for players to understand its effect. Thank you for all the feedback on this one.

Twitch Chat Integration

This is something we wanted to integrate ever since we saw the first SnuggleTruck videos last year. We actually prototyped something 7-8 months ago but never wrapped it up because of the thousand other things to fix and improve. But, for this release, we wanted to include our first twitch chat experiment. This is as a small thank you to one of our nicest players, Mr. Pontus, who’s given us endless feedback (we know this is not “online support”, but let’s consider a first small step in that direction).

We’re not sure how many players want such a feature, but if this interests you, check it out. It’s still pretty basic, but play around a little bit and give us some feedback where you’d like to see us take it. You can chat with us on our Discord!

Of course there is much more than that. Many bugs have been fixed with this update as well. The full list of changes is below.

Changelog - Build 567


  • Controls: more responsive cow movements, especially when slowing down
  • Controls: Added support for pretty much every USB controller
  • Visuals: added new models for the cows and bulls
  • Visuals: scaled up tanks so they are not the same size as the cars
  • Visuals: new map preview images with the latest art models
  • Visuals: added particle effects to a lot of objects when they are destroyed
  • Gameplay: rebalanced the health of a lot of game objects since some would never get destroyed (looking at you, barn roof)
  • Gameplay: changed Hide & Seek so that the gorilla automatically picks up items of players they destroy
  • UX: Changed the “reset camera with X” message to not appear all the time
  • UX: the “press X for help” message will now display if nothing else is being pressed
  • UX: changed the look of the aiming reticle for planes to make it more visible
  • UX: added some visual clarity to the “motivate” feature in bull run to make it visually clearer which cows are affected by it
  • Gameplay: gorilla will now lose the bull run game mode if he eats / destroys too many innocent cows
  • Systems: refactored game mode system to make it easier to add new game modes
  • Systems: “Capture VIP” game mode has been properly renamed to “Bodyguard”
  • Audio: when a witch picks up a human / cow in the halloween version of the UFO invaders mode she will give a maniacal laugh (you’ll have to wait for next halloween to experience that!)


  • Barn roof would fail to destroy vehicles
  • Players could not join single player missions correctly
  • Billboard plane was missing its model
  • Bottom of the tank turret to not be see-through
  • Fixed the center of mass for the cows, so that they are rotating correctly when thrown into the air (thanks reddit)
  • Humans in the credit level now look in the right direction
  • Fixed a bug where AI enemies would join a game even when the AI was turned off
  • Fixed the tutorial level so that the cars don’t collide with parts of the ground
  • Fixed a bug where the gorilla’s hand would sometimes teleport to a random location which resulted in the gorilla moving at mach 10 super speed