Hello friends,

We’ve just pushed out a super massive content update just in time for Christmas. OK, we may be exaggerating…a lot. Let’s start again.

We just pushed out a small patch fixing a few bugs that appeared with the last update. It should clean up and fix a few issues regarding the Christmas mode (which you should definitely check out). We’ve also improved the collision shapes on a number of our new buildings and fixed a bug with some annoying repetitive sounds when you play Hide n Seek. Below you can find the full list of changes we made.

We hope you enjoy Late For Work with your friends and families over the holidays!


Changelog - Build 580


  • Improved physics on multi story buildings
  • Improved collision on buildings
  • Added some missing Christmas trees and presents to all maps
  • Fixed/implemented the flying billboard scoreboard in the Hill map (bodyguard mode)
  • Added additional ammunition power ups to the mountain map


  • You could join the bodyguard game mode even if there were no players available
  • No longer play the “you found an item” tune every time you restarted the Hide & Seek game mode
  • Gorilla player didn’t actually lose after eating an innocent human in the Bodyguard game mode
  • The snow from our Christmas update is no longer pink
  • Fixed some spawns for the tanks on the mountain map, no more tanks getting stuck in barns
  • Hide the debug menu, oops