Hello friends,

Hello, here’s our first update! We’re super excited to have finally launched on Early Access and we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Please join us in the forums and share your thoughts.

[BUILD 244]

We’ve already pushed out a couple patches to address some of the most urgent issues requested by our community along with a few enhancements:

  • The tutorial is now fully implemented for Vive players. We only lagged behind because we got our hands on a Vive quite a bit later than the Touch. Our aim is to support both platforms as first class citizens.
  • We’ve added intro screens to all the multiplayer modes, explaining goals and some helpful tips. Expect some further improvements to the game modes themselves in the coming weeks.
  • Y-axis inverse support. You can now toggle y-axis invert for both tanks and planes (separately). These are accessible from the d-pad. Vehicle controls will continue to be improved, they’re still early.
  • Better result screen, more interactive. More to come soon.
  • A bunch of usability and ui improvements, including making sure the Menu is not hidden by in-world objects.

That’s it for urgent fixes. Our next update is coming soon. We’re aiming for two weeks cadence, but that’s not set in stone. HOWEVER, if you want access to more regular updates, we push to a special beta branch every few days, with the caveat that things will occasionally break there (you can always switch back to the main branch). Details on the beta branch are here.

Cheers, Salmi Games