Hello friends,

We’re excited to launch GrowRilla in Early Access today and finally share our new game with you. Thank you for checking it out. We’re a strong believer in Early Access as an effective medium to develop VR games.

As part of our release, we’ve also updated our screenshots, posted a new gameplay video (embedded below) and reworked our store description.

We also released a supporter’s pack which includes both our VR game:


You can find the VR Indie Bundle here.

We also released at what we think is a very fair price (without a launch discount). Please consider that this will be the cheapest price you can buy the game (standalone). We will increase the price in the near future. This is our way of tipping our hats to the players who invested in our games early.

Finally, here are our patch notes of the changes from the build that our beta testers tried out last week.

New Features

  • Stonehenge rocks are properly pickable now
  • Mafia dons only appear in medium or hard difficulty
  • Do not allow to open menu in win screen or loading screen (as this could cause issues, for example if selecting a new level in the win screen you do not get the points from this round)
  • Disable distant units before activating the map (to reduce load time after pressing the start button, reduces hard map activation time in editor from about 5 seconds to 1 second. Might need more performance at runtime though when activating units for the first time)
  • Added new trees
  • Added new sound assets
  • Made static rocks pickable
  • Bears and dogs are animated when attacking now
  • Added animations to score board
  • Added subtle sound when falling down
  • Added option to define percentage of max speed at which units move depending on the behaviour. This allows e.g. the rabbits to move slower when just strolling around but move at full speed when they flee.
  • Added a particle effect every time the animals land when at full speed.
  • Red eyes glow stronger to indicate their progress in preparing the attack
  • Added particles on weapon when firing
  • Added force-feedback on shot
  • Added bunkbeds


  • Improved/fixed level progress board
  • Fixed all food preview items
  • Fixed issue where objects would snap to the bottom of your hand instead of the palm center.
  • Fixed objects flying off into the distance at times when you hit them while moving (usually experienced this with the flowers) by limiting their velocity for a short time when they get knocked off.
  • If you move without holding an object in your hand or climbing your visual hand model is placed at the target position to prevent jitter (which I simply cannot figure out how to avoid in this case, it’s related to the fairly high movement speed).
  • Fixed tank explosion bug
  • Fixed map generation issues
  • Placing objects based on exact triangle position including offset (avoids grass being spawned slightly above water)
  • Improved physics collision resolve
  • Cats shouldn’t spawn in farm when not unlocked
  • Added military hangar foundation (in case part of the landing area is on water) and use a proper street ending
  • Fixed trail particles getting destroyed as soon as bullet gets destroyed
  • Replaced tank bullets with properly modelled bullets
  • Fixed weapon shoot info appearing every time
  • Ignore movement on throwing to avoid weird behaviour
  • Fixed eating exp bug
  • Fixed bad texture quality
  • Investigated bizarre prefab variant file ids issue
  • Added achievemets to scoreboard
  • Fixed spotlight in menu scene
  • Fixed hand not opening properly when climbing using the triggers
  • Fixed tutorial issues (like start rotation)
  • Fixed gentleman not changing color on death
  • Fixed nav meshes for new trees
  • Fixed broken quality settings change
  • Went through debug log and removed spam
  • Reduced warnings in editor. Either marked them as ignored or fixed the issue. May seem minor but it’s actually a good way to find bugs you haven’t noticed before, fixed one or two bugs with this.
  • Further improve scoreboard animation
  • Improved experience board
  • Improved water splash (synced with object mass)
  • Fixed a few misc bugs