I had the opportunity to attend Indie Gameleon and showcase our game Ellipsis on the 14th and 15th of September. Thanks to all testers for giving us valuable feedback on the game!

Indie Gameleon 2015

One aspect we play-tested extensively was the initial experience. Showcases like this give us an opportunity to see the players’ first reactions, completely unblemished by pre-conceptions. We tried out several features to see which things help players best to understand the game. Players still struggle with some elements but we are making good progress. Either that or our testers are very talented!

Despite the heavy rain (and the food truck waiting outside) it was a really nice event with good talks and interesting games. Unfortunately it wasn’t really open to the public so there were a lot less playtesters than at the games vernissage in Munich back in June:

Check out this picture where I look handsome and two players are testing the game at the same time!

Handsome guy with playtester