Hello friends,

We’ve been working hard over the holidays on a new update. To kick off the new year with style, we’ve added Steam workshop support. You can now share all the levels you’ve created using the in-game level editor with the rest of the world.

We’ve also made a whole bunch of other improvements, check out the changelog below.


  • Added Steam workshop support, enabling sharing and downloading user created levels
  • Steam cloud sync now working properly on Linux
  • Various visual improvements
  • A multitude of bug fixes
  • Finalized and activated Steam trading cards! Collect all five to earn the badge!


  • Various sound improvements (We had an awesome jam day with our beautiful composer Filippo Beck Peccoz
  • Various controller improvements and fixes, incl. easier navigation in the map
  • Added speed modifier buttons for controller (R2, L2, RB, LB)


This weeks update is focused on our level editor and the recently integrated Steam workshop support. Please continue to share your feedback and help us make Ellipsis an even better experience. You can do so by either posting to our Steam discussion forum or send us an email at feedback@salmi.de. Let’s keep the feedback coming!

We’re looking forward to seeing what you have created with the Ellipsis level editor! Share your creations before January 10th and they might make it into the final game!

Cheers, Salmi Games