Hello friends,

Thank you for your continued support! Let’s get straight to the point this week:


  • Added overworld menu (with multi-save slots and access to the editor)
  • Added new enemies and new controls to the level editor
  • Improved save system of the level editor
  • Various other fixes to the level editor

GR_SC1 Want to access the level editor? This is how!

  • Improved Linux support (Sorry for breaking this with the last build)
  • Particle effects improvements (e.g. small shrines, bounce enemies)
  • Improved post-processing effects and other graphics improvements
  • Multi-saves support added
  • Added several achievements (Go get them!)
  • Various other bug fixes

GR_SC1 The level editor is shaping up well! Try it out, tell us what you think. We’d love to see your custom level creations!


Besides adding new features, we’re working on eliminating bugs from the current build. Please continue to reach out here on the Steam discussion forum or send us an email at feedback@salmi.de. Let’s keep the feedback coming!

Cheers, Salmi Games