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Based in Munich, Germany

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September 30th 2021

Oculus Quest, PCVR


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Sweet Surrender is a roguelite shooter fully in VR. Set in a dystopian megatower, the goal is to reach the summit. With an array of available weapons, tools and upgrades, the player must push through treacherous environments and overcome an army of hostile machines in order to climb onwards and upwards.


Since 2016, we have been developing and releasing charming, polished VR games. Our previous titles GrowRilla and Late For Work, two action VR games with an emphasis on low-poly art style and world interaction. Both games were well received and saw frequent updates, all while being developed on a shoestring budget. With these titles we developed a deep understanding of VR interactions and built a foundation of systems and tools to let us build more ambitious titles.

Sweet Surrender began development shortly after the 1.0 release of GrowRilla and is our first fully-budgeted game. Investment support from the German federal government enabled us to both kickstart our project, expand our team and go full throttle into developing Sweet Surrender!


  • Satisfying combat. Use an array of guns, explosives and melee weapons to wreak havoc upon your enemies. Dual wield your favourite weapons, throw grenades and use objects to defend yourself.
  • Collecting upgrades. Find and collect upgrades to alter your abilities, create your own build and find your own playstyle.
  • Mobility. Use grapple hook guns and jump pads to escape danger, traverse treacherous environments and access remote areas.
  • Exploration. Discover hidden secrets, equipment chests and upgrade chips. Find currency to trade for new items. Use explosives to blast your way through weak wall sections.
  • Roguelite in VR. Experience new enemy/level combinations in each run, use your knowledge and skill to progress further with each attempt. Use objects to shield yourself, create cover and destroy enemies. Activate traps, use hazards in the level for your own advantage.


Sweet Surrender Trailer YouTube


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About Salmi Games

Salmi Games is dedicated to crafting attractive, polished games that both delight and respect the player. Our games are created with the firm belief that the path to success is built upon this attention to delivering a quality product. We proudly craft our games in Munich, Germany.

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Sweet Surrender Credits

Stefan Hell
Leading Development and Production

Marcel Schmid
Art Direction and Creation

Marcus Ihde

Michael Grabler
3D Art Creation

Niklas Wachter
Testing and Supporting Design and Art

Nicolas Fischer
Designing Levels and Gameplay

Stephen Coles
Marketing, Capturing and Supporting Production

Fabian Ramelsberger from Two Pencils
Supporting Level Design

Filippo Beck Peccoz
Leading Audio and Composing Music

Philipp Sellier
Designing and Implementing Sound Effects

Jonathan Feurich
Mixing Music and Mastering Soundtrack

Martin Nerurkar
Designing Gameplay Systems

Nuray Öztas
Art Creation as Part of Internship

Dino Katherine
Creating and Editing Trailer

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