Salmi Games
Based in Munich, Germany

Release date:
January 25th 2017 (Windows, Mac and Linux)
June 15th 2016 (Android)
February 11th 2016 (iOS)
August 20th 2020 (Nintendo Switch)

Windows, Mac and Linux
Nintendo Switch


Regular Price:
USD4.99 (Windows, Mac and Linux)
USD2.99 (mobile)
USD4.99 (Nintendo Switch)
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Ellipsis is an action-packed Avoid ’Em Up with minimalistic, yet powerful neon styled visuals. Guide your ship through a mysterious universe while deftly avoiding hordes of roaming enemies, spikes, lasers and more.

We’ve crafted a beautiful universe for you to uncover and explore at your own pace. Fly through levels, dodging and evading enemies before they have a chance to react. Or explore leisurely, mastering each world and uncovering all its secrets. Either way, Ellipsis will keep you on your toes with surprises from start to finish.

Ellipsis is designed with a clean minimalist interface and absolutely ZERO text. It lets the player explore at their own pace while gently guiding them, thus producing an incredible pick-up-and-play experience.


Ellipsis was conceived during a jam exploring direct touch control of a player avatar. We wanted to explore the gameplay opportunities of direct control in spite of the obvious drawback of having your hand hide a portion of your playing surface.

From this grew a game focused on simple controls, intuitively playable by even the most novice players. In spite of the simplicity of the gameplay, the vibrant art is carefully crafted to visually reward the player from the first moment on. The player will be continuously surprised by the beautiful landscape unfolding as they play.

Ellipsis has been released on iPad and iPhone February 11th 2016! We ported it to Apple TV releasing May 11th 2016 and published the game on Android June 15th 2016. Currently, we are preparing the Steam version which will be released on January 25th 2017, featuring various new content, including a level editor.

PC Version

On January 25th 2017 we released the best version ever of Ellipsis on PC (Windows, Linux and Mac).

We added new levels, new visuals, new sounds, controller support, an in-game level editor with level sharing and tons of polish!

Switch Version

On August 20th Ellipsis was released for the Nintendo Switch. The game was ported by Sillesia Games.


  • 150+ unique hand-crafted and increasingly hard levels, set in 8 diverse worlds
  • Level editor with Steam workshop support
  • Pick up and play for all ages
  • Beautiful minimalist graphics
  • Zero text - Accessible to a global audience
  • Mouse, Controller and Touchscreen support, playable on 2-in-1 Touch PCs
  • Windows, Mac & Linux support


Ellipsis Release Trailer - PC YouTube

Ellipsis Teaser YouTube

Ellipsis - Film Noir YouTube

Ellipsis - The Wastelands YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (22MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • Game of the Year - Intel Level Up 2016
  • Best Action Game - Intel Level Up 2016
  • Best Indie Game - Momocon 2016
  • Best Mobile Game - Making Games, Germany 2017
  • Nominee - Google Play Indie Contest, London 2017
  • Nominee - Ludicious, Zurich 2017
  • Official Selection - PAX East, Boston 2017
  • Official Selection - Tokyo Game Show, Japan 2016
  • Official Selection - Busan Indie Connect, South Korea 2016
  • Official Selection - Radius Festival, Vienna 2016
  • Official Selection - Games Access, Brno 2016
  • Official Selection - Casual Connect, Amsterdam 2016
  • Official Selection - Casual Connect, Tel Aviv 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Ellipsis is just about the perfect iPad game"
    - Momocon Indie Award Judges, Momocon
  • "Ein Erstlingswerk, das mit viel Liebe zum Detail produziert wurde - mit abstrakter Grafik und einem Spielprinzip, das man ohne Worte versteht."
    - Carsten Görig, Spiegel Online
  • "Gorgeous glowy visuals - remarkably intriguing"
    - Carter Dotson, TouchArcade
  • "With awesome visuals, excellent sound effects, and just the right amount of challenge, Ellipsis brings a distinctive experience to puzzle games."
    - Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice
  • "It's like the best parts of Geometry Wars"
    - Tycho Brahe, PAX, Penny Arcade
  • "Featured in 'Best iOS and Android games in February 2016'"
    - Gameranx, Youtube
  • "redoutable, intelligent, et véritablement enivrant."
    - Olivier Boesch, kickmygeek
  • "the gameplay is uniquely fun, the controls are very intuitive, and the challenge (in the form of obstacles and enemies) is exhilarating."
    - Aethyna, wwdbg
  • "Игра отлично справится как с короткой поездкой в городском транспорте, так и с целым свободным вечером."
    - Евгений Костров, app4smart
  • "Nach einigen Leveln hat mich Ellipsis so begeistert, dass ich es gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen möchte."
    - Fabian, appgefahren
  • "Sehr cooles Ding!"
    - Franz Liebl, Puls BR
  • "They're very clever, these games makers, you know."
    - Robert Glashüttner, FM4
  • "いまなお多くの謎が詰まった大宇宙には語り尽くせない、たくさんのロマンが詰まっている。"
    - ミ通, ファミ通
  • "スワイプ操作だけで楽しめる、かつてないほどにシンプルな作りのパズルアクションだ。"
    - 深津庵, GameDeets

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About Salmi Games

Salmi Games is dedicated to crafting attractive, polished games that both delight and respect the player. Our games are created with the firm belief that the path to success is built upon this attention to delivering a quality product. We proudly craft our games in Munich, Germany.

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Ellipsis Credits

Yacine Salmi
Programming, Design, Art

Stefan Hell
Programming, Design, Art

Filippo Beck Peccoz

Christopher Wulf
Marketing / PR

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